Operation Soap Dish

How to Run A Collection Drive 

Select a place in your community that you know could use toiletry or household cleaning items.Here are some ideas:
• Food Pantry/Food Bank
• Soup Kitchen
• Women’s Shelter
• Your local Ronald McDonald House
Once you have chosen the location that you want to deliver the items to, contact them and ask if they would be interested in receiving donations.Here is an example of what to say:
Hello! My name is _________. I am working with an organization called Operation Soap Dish, which collects and distributes toiletry and household cleaning items for people in need. I am planning on doing a collection drive. I am wondering if your organization would be interested in receiving these items.

Location, Location, Location! Just like buying a house, location is key to having a successful collection drive. Here are some ideas for a the perfect place to hold a collection drive:
• School
• Place of worship (church, synagogue, etc.)
• College/University
• Office
• Sporting event
• Library
Once you have chosen a location, contact the head of that place, whether it is the principal, coach, or even your coworkers and let them in on your idea. The more people the better! After talking with them, pick a time you think is ideal for the campaign. It is best to choose a week or two where there are only a few other events taking place. This way people will focus on your campaign and remember to donate.

Boxes don’t talk. This is the most important part of your collection drive, so if you are skimming over this section (like I know we all do) READ THIS PART BELOW! Have you ever seen a collection drive and there is just an empty dilapidated cardboard box sitting in the corner, with a sad sign taped to the side of it? Here are three ways to prevent this from happening:

People want to be a part of something successful! Some of the most successful drives come when there is a competition. For example; the class that brings in the most items will receive a pajama day. You could do a similar thing in your office by offering a jean day for your coworkers when they collect a certain number of items.

Advertising is key! Make and hang flyers where people tend to gather, such as a crowded hallway in your school or the break room in your office.

Advocate! People want to hear from you. They won’t always read the flyers on the wall or take note of the box in the office, but I guarantee they will listen to you! Talk to your friends and let them know what you are doing and send out emails or text reminders about donations. Let them know about the need for personal care items in your community and how they can make a difference. Remind people that a bar of soap is not just a bar of soap; it’s a confidence booster for someone in need.

Count the items. Once the drive is complete, sort the items, and throw away any open or used products. After that, count the items you’ve collected. This process can be somewhat tedious so it is best to get volunteers for some help. You can make this fun by playing music, having snacks, or any other ideas you can think of.

Deliver the items once the drive is complete to the location that you have chosen.

Report back to us. Once you have finished counting, report the total number of items you collected to operationsoapdish@gmail.com. You can also go to our website operationsoapdish.org and click on “Contact Us”.Please include:
• The number of items collected
​• The collection drive location
• The delivery location
• Photos
​Remember to include your city and state. We highly encourage you to send photos from throughout the process of your collection drive. Then you can be featured on our Facebook page and/or website!

Congratulate Yourself! You did it! You helped make the world a better place.

Thank You!
-Your Friends at Operation Soap Dish


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