You can start your own drive by collecting items in your community and delivering them to your local food pantry or another place serving people in need.

Keep a count and report it back to us at operationsoapdish@gmail.comso that we can measure our impact.

Take photos to document your collection and delivery and we will post them.

Make sure you include where you did your collection and where you delivered your donations (city and state).


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How can You  start  a collection drive?

Operation Soap Dish


When I was in 4th grade, I started volunteering at St. Lucy’s Food Pantry. Located on the West Side of Syracuse, in one of the poorest areas of the city, St. Lucy’s Food Pantry is always warm and welcoming. Over five hundred families turn to St. Lucy’s Food Pantry for help each month. While volunteering, I quickly realized that one shelf with a few rolls of toilet paper and a couple of bars of soap was almost always empty. I found out that people who use food stamps can’t use them to purchase anything other than food. This means that items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and many other personal care and household cleaning items which are basic necessities become inaccessible. I decided to help by bringing in as many toiletries and household cleaning products as I could. My parents let me return our bottles and cans for recycling and use the money to purchase toiletries and household cleaning items to stock the shelves. I even used my allowance and birthday money to help stock the shelves, but the items were usually all gone by the time I left the pantry. Keep in mind each family is only allowed one roll of toilet paper and one other toiletry or household cleaning item. I used my holiday gift money to buy laundry soap and it was gone even before everyone had a chance to get some.
Take a moment to count all the toiletries and household cleaning items you used today. Now think about having to choose only one of those items. As you can imagine, it’s pretty difficult and no one should ever have to be faced with making that decision.
Operation Soap Dish has collected/distributed over 50,000 items valued at $100,000. Operation Soap Dish’s campaign to increase awareness for the need for toiletry and household cleaning items has reached over 200,000 people within the United States, Canada, and Israel. Currently over 15 collection drives are in process, and items have been distributed at locations throughout the Syracuse area including food pantries, meals on wheels, the Ronald McDonald House of Central New York, and shelters for people escaping domestic violence, with a distribution reach of approximately 1,600 families per month. Through promotion of awareness, collection drives, and community involvement, Operation Soap Dish has increased contributions by over 12,000% since its inception. Operation Soap Dish has built a network of donations for distribution through reaching out to religious, academic, and business organizations and has been able to fill shelves at multiple food pantries and expand to help others in need.
​Currently Operation Soap Dish has collected over 50,000 items, but often the shelves are still empty. The recent cut in food stamps (SNAP) has greatly increased the need for toiletry and household cleaning items for people living in poverty. The goal of Operation Soap Dish is to increase awareness and in turn increase donations of toiletry and household cleaning items for people in need. Our ultimate goal is to collect enough items to distribute to other pantries throughout the U.S. and third world countries.